Off The Grid Software is working hard to modernize the Puzzle Production System. It will have all the functionality that you know but it will be wearing a whole new outfit!

Puzzle Production System


We aim to usher the PPS into the 21st century. We wish to develop a clearer and cleaner user interface that is up to today's standards. This user interface will allow for a more intuitive approach to producing and styling your puzzles. Meanwhile, we will also completely rehaul the back-end - all 16-bit and 32-bit components will be upgraded. This will make it much easier to maintain and manage the software. From all sides, we're making the PPS future-proof, so that you will be able to use the product for years to come. Subscribe to the newsletter if you would like to be kept up to date!

is responsible for the user interface and offers customer support for the current and future PPS.

is software engineer for the new PPS.

The new Puzzle Production System, developed by Marjolein Wiersma and Marc Holterman, will be up to modern standards, intuitive and accessible. We're making it future-proof!

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